Self isolation – day 10

I made Amelia cry today. She desperately wanted to go out with her friends, but I wouldn’t let her. We had four more days of self-isolation to complete. She pleaded with me, she’d only go out for a short time, she’d come straight back afterwards, she’d be ok, she wasn’t ill, she wouldn’t catch it or spread it…

The answer was no. Lots of people are not taking Coronavirus, and it’s risks, seriously. While it’s true that children don’t seem to have serious symptoms, if any at all, they can be carriers and spread it to other, more vulnerable people.

Our next-door neighbour is in his 70s, the government class this age group as high risk. The girls have been told if they see him they must keep two meters away, if they are carrying the virus we don’t want to spread it to him.

I spotted Chloe out in the back garden playing football with him in the afternoon, she kept a safe distance as she’d been asked, and so did he. Meanwhile, Amelia’s friend came round to drop off some school books, she went out and I saw her giving the friend a hug. I wasn’t impressed and called her back in. She just doesn’t get the seriousness of it.

I reminded her that given my asthma I also fall into a high risk group, and while she might think she’s invincible, if she catches the virus from someone who shows no symptoms, the might also show no symptoms but will spread it on to me. I’ve got a long history of catching chest infections and finding them hard to fight off. While it’s been about a year since I’ve used my asthma inhaler, I really don’t want to get this virus and given the severity of it – thousands have died across the world in just a few weeks – I don’t rate my prospects if I do get it.