Italy in lockdown

Over the last couple of weeks Coronavirus has spread outside of China, there are reports of a number of cases in northern Italy. A region in the north is in lockdown, residents have been ordered to stay at home, visitors to go home, nobody is being allowed into the area.

Last week was the school half-term holiday and a skiing trip was run where many students and staff visited an area of northern Italy. It’s outside the affected area and there isn’t thought to be any danger to those who went.

The news coverage is ramping up, first because Italy is a lot closer to the UK than China, and second because a lot of schools went on ski trips to Italy last week.

The advice is that if anyone has the symptoms they should stay at home, ring NHS 111 and they will be tested to see if they have the virus. Young people seem to have only minor symptoms so it isn’t thought to be too serious for them.

Amelia and Hannah didn’t go on the trip, but some of their friends did. Everyone that went seems to be ok though, it doesn’t look like they’ve brought it back with them.

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